About the Potter

​Oh Lovely Mud!  

Growing up I was always drawn to the pottery exhibits that I passed by or to the pieces my mother collected. Near my childhood home along the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida I recall going out during kindergarten recess, not to play on the playground, but to hunt for the ancient pottery shards left behind by the Timucua Indians.  

The idea of starting out with a lump of clay and transforming it into something artistic and functional has always intrigued me. The individuality each piece possesses with the combination of form, style, and the glazing is fascinating. To have become one of those potters who transforms this lump of clay into something amazing has now become a passion in my life. Creating a piece from start to finish that will be used every day, something that might become a treasured piece, or even passed on as a gift is my goal and absolute pleasure.

This love that I have for ceramics began as an interest, developed into to a hobby, became a passion, and evolved into a business.  I truly love being a potter and all my pieces are handcrafted with attention to detail and made from the heart. 

And it all started from this life-long love that I have had....and a lump of clay.

Oh Lovely Mud... said Christine!

C S Stangel Pottery

Member of the Art Alliance of Central PA Potters Guild

Member of the Art Alliance of Central PA
Member of the Pa Guild of Craftsmen
Wife to an mazing husband

Mom to four wonderful kids